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Taste of the World

July 8, 2009

I found it interesting that Japanese peole have the longest life expectancy in the world. So far I think this is due to their food. Tokyo is a very unique place when it comes to food. A regular Japanese morning starts with a miso soup and a rice bowl. Miso is a salt tasting bean which is used as a base for a many differnt foods.  

miso soup Miso soup normally has tofu, alge, and onion. Sometimes it comes with fish, mushrooms, etc.

Their traditional foods are tied very closely to the ocean. Almost everbody eats seafood daily. But although Japan is distinctly a part of Asia,  they also have adopted Western (European) habits. For example, instead of the miso soup and rice, many modern Japanese are eating a slice of bread with some butter just as we do. In fact, the bread section looks pretty American at the market:bread


Also, Tokyo has adopted the habit of drinking coffee. However, their taste for coffee is a little different than ours. Most of the time it is served black. I have to say, that for the first time I’ve missed my grandma’s coffee with a lot of milk!

doutor-coffee shop

Some of the most common coffee shops are Doutor, Veloce, and Starbucks.

As I explained in the first blog, the level of recycling and attention to detail in coffee shops is amazing, and they don’t waste anything. Japanese people really love coffee breaks. In my office we have one every 5 minutes, not that I’m complaining!

        When it comes to lunch, the staff at my office loves ramen. This is the original version of a noodle cup such as maruchan, etc. It is a big bowl filled with pasta and flavored by a broth-based, spiced soup. On top it is covered with vegetables and meat, or one can create a new combination, although it is very common that a restaurant becomes famous for one flavor in particular.CIMG0013 

            I have to say that lunch time is my favorite time at the office. My coworkers always go out together for lunch and they know what good food tastes like. I will miss them and our lunch times when I leave Tokyo.


 This is moyashi(bean sprout) flavor ramen. My favorite!

Another very typical lunch is obento. This literally mean “lunch box,” and it looks like this:


Breakfast and lunch are good but Dinner time in Japan is the real deal.



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