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Kyoto and Osaka

July 21, 2009


Welcome to Kyoto. The Intrax Inter Abroad team had a guide that explained many things about this city. For example how it has evolved. Some amazing things happened here through history. This is a magic town with a heritage that reaches back more than a thousand years. Kyoto was the capital of Japan at that time,  until about 300 years when the capital was moved to Tokyo.

Kyoto definitely has that uniqueness that one looks for in a place like Japan.Places like this are what create the image of Japan for the world.

These are all pictures of the trip. The castle on top is called the “golden pavilion” and it is a symbol for those who start something related with money, for example new employment. Appropriate for our group! The symbol comes from the fact that the castle is made out of gold. The rest of the pictures are from the visit to Komatsu. a large machinery company known worldwide. Their factory is in Osaka. I’m sure everybody has seen one of these huge machines on the side of the road.

We also went to Rohto Seiyaku which are the owners of the brand Oxxi, and then we visited the kansai airport. In Kyoto we also visited Shimadzu seiyaku, the place where a Nobel Price awarded to a Japanese was given last year. There was a lot to take in and it was an overall excellent trip.

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  1. December 12, 2009 5:43 am

    Stunning, I didn’t heard about that till now. Thx!

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