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July 21, 2009

Many people would expect Japan to be a place filled with people wearing Kimono, drinking sake, and eating sushi. Even though some of these stereotypes are based in reason, the Kimonos, especially in Tokyo, are quite rare.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan and it is a very busy city. There are people on the street day and night.  Tokyo`s main function is to connect Japan within itself and with other countries. This economic capital is a very modern city with all kinds of activities. It has one of the lowest criminal indexes around the world, if not the lowest. It is amazing how people stay up, walking in the streets late at night, and never really worry about their security.

In another topic, it is quite a small city in area for its entire people. It has become a very condensed place where everything has to be small; small offices, small apartments, small cars, etc. However small, Japanese goods have that quality touch that makes one forget about the size and rather,  to appreciate its quality. For example, when one goes shopping the groceries, the stores are incredibly variable.

 Speaking of shopping, Tokyo has a world renowned fashion capital called Shinjuku. It is one of the oldest fashion districts in the world. Japan has one of the biggest traditions for brand purchasing around the world. One can find any store available in the US and in Europe. It is a great place to go crazy and shop.  My theory, shopping makes people forget how crowded Tokyo is.

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