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Work Work Work- Details of a Japanese Internship

July 31, 2009

JMRA is an organization responsible for the quality`s supervision of Marketing Research in Japan. It is an equivalent of the American Marketing Association in the US, and ESOMAR in Europe. I`ve learned how the Japanese industry has developed compared to its international counterparts and it is amazing how a country so small in size is so big in numbers.

A typical work day for me starts by arriving early (which I’ve learned means you’re on time in Japan). I sit down at my place and start gathering data and playing with numbers here and there. These numbers are a big deal for me as they represent the industry. Its been quite an experience listening everyday to marketing research and marketing strategy conversations. I’ve been able to ask so many questions and have learned so much since the start of my internship.

I remember the first day I was here I asked, “so, what is marketing research?”

Today, after these weeks, my boss says that I know something about MR. I believe that I have a pretty firm grasp on what marketing research is and what its industry is about. I have always been busy at work, and I know what it means now when you can’t finish all of your work in one day. There’s always something to do. But it really feels good to go do work that you’re excited about.

Below are some pictures of my office and my commute to work, as well as a video. Hope you enjoy, and keep posted!

Watch my way to work-

So I get on the Train to the Kanda Station which can be accessed from the Ginza Line or the Yamanote Line.




Time Card

JMRA`s Desk

  1. Office Entrance

    The Stairs to Success

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