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Beach, Fireworks, and Nightlife!

August 2, 2009


The Japanese are interesting people. They are not easily pleased but they love to do the same over and over. For example, every city has their own fireworks day, a tradition that is carried out all summer long. It is very popular to go to other cities to see fireworks shows, watching the same thing over and over. But I have to admit, these fireworks are the best that Ive ever seen. We were invited to a party in Yokohama, city which has probably the most beautiful bay in the world. Then at night, the fireworks are launched from a ship out in the water and the colors from the sky and reflected off of the water illuminate the whole shore line.

Talking about the summer, one of my coworkers, Sugimura, has been a professional surfer for over 10 years. I had the honor to hit the beach with him. The tradition of many people in a small space carries even out to the shores. But I have to say, I was still surprised with the amount of surfers in the water. The waves are really crowded. I can’t believe I  used to complain about other surfers being too close in San Diego after seeing this!

I guess every place, even a crowded beach,  has its positive points though. For example in Japan it’s okay to have a drink at the beach, there are no open container laws. However, if you want to surf it’s an unwritten rule that you better not. Water safety is pretty important to surfers here, and as the beach is very rocky, they are pretty careful.

CIMG3391 Video- Click On the Picture to Watch!


Our group from Intrax has had some other fun nights here in Japan. A couple of nights, all of the interns went to Roppongi. This place is famous for the bars, restaurants, clubs, etc. We went to a Mexican Restaurant which was a pretty unique experience. I would say that the Japanese have a very “unique” concept of the Mexican food as it is not spicy.



click on the next pic to see a real karaoke


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