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Sushi and Seminars

July 7, 2009

Japanese Class First Week

Japanese Class First Week

              During my first week in Japan, the adaptation to the environment and specifically to the life style of Tokyo was quite interesting and challenging. It’s the small things like the vending machines and trash cans that are just so different (Pictured below).

            I was pleasantly surprised at how well prepared all the Intrax activities were here in Tokyo.  The  support that the staff gave us was awesome.  We had training lectures for the first 7 days about the current Japanese economy and the vision of the business leaders. They were excellent, and were really helpful before starting our internships. We also had a Japanese language class in this first week. It was one of the best that I’ve ever taken. It specifically teaches the Japanese language that one needs to break into the working world.

                            Also, I realized that it is very different to go to a place as a tourist than as an employee or a businessman. For this purpose this orientation week was excellent. After a week I was able to compare myself with other foreigners in Japan and see how well I was doing thanks to this week.

          Of course we had some fun too. After the lectures were over we went to the more lively areas of Tokyo such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku, etc. We experienced the traditional Japanese Karaoke and had a blast. And, there is no other place in the world better than Japan for eating sushi.



Intrax Interns Eating Sushi in Tokyo

Intrax Interns Eating Sushi in Tokyo


I’m Interning in Japan to Start My Global Career

June 12, 2009

When I knew that for two months I was going to work in the oldest business district in Tokyo, I got very excited. The Japanese have a rich and diverse industry where they have shown America and Europe how things are done by becoming world leaders in many industries. In my internship I expect to compare the difference in business philosophies, manners, and motivations between Japan and the US.

Participating in this internship means to experience the international business world and labor force which in today’s terms is priceless. By attending this program my career as well as my personal experience will be highly empowered. Of course it is not the same to have an internship at the local firm than having an internship in the world’s second highest economic business capitol. Those who understand Japanese culture will immediately realize that very little information is available for internships and this is because in Japan there is no such program as an internship yet. With this internship program, Intrax is leading a whole new philosophy in Japan which I expect to be part of.

Since becoming competitive in a global atmosphere is critical for success today, I expect that my professional skills will be developed to their maximum. This mentored multi-cultural experience will strengthen me not only by the interaction with Japanese businesspeople, but also with the increased knowledge attained by receiving advice of experts and their shared experience available thanks to Intrax. 

An internship abroad is the only way to develop critical thinking skills such as culture adaptation, understanding and tolerance to different ways of thinking. My time in Japan will really open my mind to a new perspective in life.  I will not only be working but also be making friends and having a completely awesome time. This program will certainly encourage me to become more adventurous than I would have ever been. It will be a real experience of work in Tokyo. 

I really appreciate the support that I will receive by the Intrax team while in Japan. It will be such a wonderful experience to be remembered for the rest of my life.